Firm History

T 2’s history dates back over 80 years and spans three generations.


T2’s systems are based on algorithms that date back to the 1930’s when James Tann’s father worked on the Chicago Board of Trade.

These trading systems, elegant in nature and timeless in relevance, represent the core of T2’s strategy.

T2 leverages powerful technology to keep these classic algorithms up to date and on pace with today’s markets.


1930’s – James Tann’s father begins trading in the metals markets after working on the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade.

1960’s – After graduating with a Master’s degree in Quantitative Finance from the University of Michigan, James Tann begins trading the system with his father.

1999 – T2 Associates is incorporated.

2004 – James Tann retires after 30+ years in the semi-conductor industry to focus full time on research and trading.

2010 – The flagship commodity pool begins trading with friends’ & family capital.

2011 – T2 Associates earns 114% for the year.

2012 – Institutional and retail managed accounts offered to new investors to satisfy new demand for daily liquidity and full portfolio transparency.