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James Tann began fully trading the T2 systems in 2004.  The systems are based on original research conducted by James’ father, who worked on the Chicago Board of Trade in the 1930’s.  These trading systems, elegant in nature and timeless in relevance, represent the core of T2’s strategy.

It is this classic approach that guides T2’s investment philosophy.  By keeping things simple, taking advantage of volatility, and being willing to adopt a contrarian posture, the investment program can achieve superior risk-adjusted performance while demonstrating low or negative correlation with traditional investment benchmarks.

One of my strongest beliefs is that algorithms are not the most important part of a CTA strategy.  For 40 years I have applied rigorous mathematical and statistical testing to my development process  to build a platform that’s conducive to long-term success.

Algorithms come and go.  They grow stale over time.  What matters is the process.  Without a robust process for improving algorithms and adding new ones over time, any manager is destined for failure.

-James P. Tann